1. Hallo, this is my first message here!:flowers:
    My name is Stefania, I'm italian, I love bags, inparticular LV, in which forum I write & read...
    This is my first time here, 'cause I also love shoes...
    I wanted to share my last buy... a pair of Bally Temmes lilac!:yahoo:
    In Milan the shop is closed for all winter, so I ordered from Venice!
    ...Now I'm waiting!
    :heart: Bye Stephanie.
  2. Welcome to The Glass Slipper subforum Stephanie!

    Would love to see pictures of your new shoes...please post pictures when they arrive! Sounds like they'll be a really pretty colour...
  3. Oh, I have no camera... and i'm not able to pic the picture from the website (BALLY). There you can find a picture... and tell me if (and eventually how) it is possible to put it here!:flowers:
  4. Benvenuta!!!
    you can transfer the photo in the forum with cut and past(copia e incolla)!!
    congrats for the new shoes!!
  5. NO... it's not possible to save images from the site!:rant:
  6. My mother called me:
    They're arrived!!!
    :yahoo: :wlae: :yes: :party: :drool: :love: :happydance: :yahoo:
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