Hallo! I'm finally here in the land of Coach!

  1. just wanted to do a shout out to all the american coach lovers here on TPF! i just arrived in the US yesterday/today (not too sure, I'm all jetlagged!) and i am so excited!

    there are soooo many people who carry coach bags here! i was at the Atlanta airport and from the one minute walk I took to go to the restroom, i saw 5 coach bags! (1 which i think was fake but nvm!)

    there was this really stylish lady carrying a large carly in saddle/khaki and i was grinning at her crazily. she must have thought i was mad - but that bag is so gorgeous!

    i'm a firm believer of not caring about whether there are too many ladies carrying this brand or that brand, whatever! just love what you got, and seeing all these bags just made me all the more happy. can't wait to hit the outlets tmr!:yahoo:
  2. Seems like the Coach bags kept you entertained at the airport. :smile: Good luck at the outlets tomorrow!
  3. milodrinker:

    Where are you from? I hope that you enjoy your visit here to the states. I also hope that you find alot of great deals at the Outlets. Let us know what you find.
    Good Luck!

  4. Enjoy your visit and I wish you well on your shopping adventures!!! :yes:
  5. enjoy your visit and get that bag!!!!
  6. milo - welcome and go wild at the outlets!
  7. enjoy your visit and i love being at the airport and having people turn around and check my bags out :simle1:
  8. I hope you have a nice visit and find some great deals!!!
  9. Hope you have a great visit! I love looking at bags at the airport. Have fun
  10. aw, you were an hour from me in atlanta! (i'm sure you saw tons of fakes there, lol :p)

    have SO much fun while you're in the states!
  11. Welcome to the U.S.!!! Where are you from? How long are you staying? Have fun at Coach while you're here!!!
  12. Enjoy your stay.......and buy plenty Coach!!
  13. Welcome! Have a great stay in the states and good luck finding lots of goodies at the outlet!
  14. Welcome to the USA! I hope you enjoy your stay here and you find lots of great buys at the outlet. Keep us posted.

  15. Hi Milodrinker, Welcome to the U.S. I hope you have alot of space in your luggage to take back your "COACH HAUL".;) Enjoy you stay!!