Hallie Berry & Her Extra Hot Bf Gabriel Aubry

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  2. I love Halle's sweater!! Any idea who makes it or where I can get it?
  3. they are indeed one hot couple
  4. Yep, he is hot!!!
  5. Dang is it getting warm in here? :graucho: . He's hot hot hot!!
  6. look at the hottie :drool:
  7. wow...his hot...good for her....
  8. OMG! He is hot!

  9. I love her sweater, too!! It's so nice!
  10. He is amazing...and I normally don't like blondes.
  11. Wow!!! What a fantastic looking couple!!! Both are SMOKIN'!
  12. love the sweater too! and they're a smoking couple
  13. They look so cute together!
  14. They look great together. I hope she is happy and I love the sweater.
  15. He's very cute!