Halle's sunnies?

  1. What kind are they? Thanks!

  2. looks Chanel 5066

    like these:

  3. definately chanel i believe. ooo look at her prada bag and damier suitcase :smile:
  4. Dang, where can we find that Prada bag, ladies??
  5. I WANT THAT PRADA!!!!:love::hysteric:
  6. chanel came to mind..
  7. is that the same bag as VB?
  8. those are some nice sunnies..
  9. yep, i think so, it's fab! :heart:
  10. love the sunnies and the bag
  11. Beyonce was carrying the same bag recently, too!
  12. definitely chanel 5066, i have 2 pairs
  13. You girls rock! I love how you help out so fast!!!
  14. :love: ıhıhı ı want to take this one:smile::love:
  15. I really like her t-hsirt also, anyone know where this is from?
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