Hallelulah - lemon Roxy & red Mabel!

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  1. What a day - came back from Shepton with lemon Roxy (again!) and now I've scored a red medium Mabel in the John Lewis sale! Result!!!! :yahoo:
    I can now stop faffing around & putting you all through the tedious minutae of me trying to make my mind up. I am now sorted - and have a £158 gift voucher to spend at Bicester in May!
  2. Yay - now of course the only decision you have to make is which one to carry to the May Meet!
  3. Well done Sarajane you can now relax
  4. Congrats...on your 2 lovely purchases. Great choices.
  5. Modeling pics asap
  6. Oh Riff, I've got a plan. I'm going to bring 3 bags & keep zooming back to my car to change!!!
  7. It was Meant To Be :yahoo: SO pleased that you (finally) managed to get a red Mabel :tup: I'm sure you'll be very happy together :yes: Can't wait for pics.

    The £158 credit voucher will come in very handy for a purse or keyring or whatever. Or Antony or Brooke, maybe ;)

    And don't worry - your bag buying escapades are never tedious :nogood: I found it all quite exciting today, musing over yours and Flossie's purchases.

  8. Red Mabel arrives Wednesday morning. I'll glam up & take some pics with lemon Roxy & then do some with Mabel. Oooooh, the relief!
  9. Sarajane you will sleep well tonight....
  10. Congratulations! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    Could I possibly ask a favor? When you get your Mabel, I'd love to see photos of her side by side with the Roxy ... I just love the Mabel in red, and if there is a chance the medium will work for me, I may still consider it. Thank you!

  11. :yes: ITA it got me through a tough day and made me smile.

  12. Don't forget someone else's as well! (purchase that is)

    See - I'm getting that feeling now when I now I've made the right decision, all's well with the world! I've been all angsty since buying pink Mabel - knew it wasn't right. Should have just bought red Mabel in the first place instead of all that to'ing & fro'ing - have probably spent the difference between the sale price & RRP on petrol!!!
    The voucher is earmarked for a purse. I saw the new zip around today but they only had white or black & I'd like coral.
  13. Oooh Riff, glad to be of service! It got me through day one of the Easter hols - 13 more to go!
  14. I love that feeling of contentment:smile: Until the next time;)
  15. It'll be a pleasure. I'll take pics of them both on Wednesday for you. You love the colour & if the medium were big enough, I think it would be great for you.