Hallelujah! Bluefly Changed the Price!!!

  1. I just noticed that Bluefly finally got the retail price correct on the RH Part Time! I had called them last week sometime and also contacted their Live Help to let them know they had it priced incorrectly.

    Here's the link...not available now, but may come up available again:
    They have it priced:
    Retail value: $1,295.00
    bluefly: $1,036.00

    I'm glad to know that there is a chance they will respond if you call them directly!! I notice they still haven't fixed the RH Brief, though, and I did call them about that a few days ago. If someone wants to take up the cause for that, please do! Here is the link:

    Call them at: 877-258-3359
    Just tell them it is style #2108356
    Their retail price is shown at: $1,595
    Actual retail price: $1,195

    Also, I wonder if you call them up and actually want to BUY the item ... maybe they will agree to adjust the price and sell it to you. They will probably have to "research" it first...but it may be a way to get an "in" on getting it before someone else gets it!
  2. GOOD JOB Fiat!!!!!!!!!!!:tup::tup::tup:
  3. thanks
  4. Haha its about time! :smile:
  5. Hi Fiat,

    I'm so happy I found your thread! I actually purchased the Mahogany Brief from BlueFly today! Is it not the bigger Brief? Cause that one goes for about 1500 retail, no? Or is price dependent on the size of the hardware? They gave the large dimensions, 17x13x3, so I hope so! Please let me know any details about this bag if you've got info from Bluefly. Unfortunately, it's too late for me to call them. BTW, if you couldn't tell this is my first BBag, lol. I'm so excited.

  6. so are all PT RH priced @ 1295? and bluefly's discounted price should be $1036? wow, i am definitely returning this black RH PT, their price was $1316, and i only got it down further because of coupons.
  7. good for you! i've talked to 3 bluefly reps about the besace being overpriced and not one of them cared!
  8. i called bluefly just now and the guy wouldn't give 2 sh#ts about the price being overpriced nor the doubtful authenticity. first and last purchase there, buh bye.