Halle Berry's New Hair Style!

  1. Momma's Gotta Brand New 'Do

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    You just know Halle Berry rolls out of bed looking this gorgeous every single morning. And damn, we're jealous!

    We spotted the curvy Catwoman star, gettin' bigger by the minute, shopping for furniture in Hollywood this weekend. And she's added some sexy curls to her hair! It kinda makes her look like the original Catwoman (but with brown hair, not blond), Michelle Pfeiffer, in the the second Batman movie, don't ya think?
  2. I don't hate it, but it's not my favorite of her hair styles. I truly think she would make a mullet look stunning. She's fabulous!!
  3. Not my favorite, but it is fine for a while
  4. I like it. She looks so cute
  5. um... ew. Sorry but it reminds me of clown hair. But amazingly nothing can take away from her gorgeous face!
  6. Im wondering if this is her natural hair, and she has taken out the extensions? Its going to be alot easier to manage I imagine when the baby comes (although she prob has her stylist at her beck and call anyhow so not sure if maintenance even comes into the equation ;) )

    Bottom line is, her face is so gorgeous, she is gonna look gorgeous bald!
  7. She'd look good with a potato sack on her head. It's disgusting how gorgeous she is. It's not my favorite style on her though.
  8. She is so classy and stunning. She could never look bad.
  9. I LOVE that she's letting her hair go natural! I wasn't a big fan of her chemically straightened, super-flat hair.
  10. she looks cute.
  11. i'm not big on it...i liked her with long hair..
  12. Gorgeous Just Gorgeous !!!
    I Love The New Dooo
    Might Be My Next Style
  13. hhhmm...not really like the look...;)
  14. Cute... but Halle is best in her original precise short cuts that she wore when she became famous.. She has such a pretty face!
  15. oh my , her legs look like mine! big! lol shes pretty.