Halle Berry

  1. I don't think she ever does...lucky!

    She looks amazing!
  2. Halle Berry, her mother, and beautiful baby Nahla enjoyed their Sunday in an L.A. area park.
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  3. Nahla, who just turned 6 months, is really adorable.
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  4. Halle looks fabulous and so happy.
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  5. Halle is beautiful. her baby girl is a doll
  6. They are one HOOOOTTTT couple alright!!!
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  8. More pics of Halle out and about Brentwood (September 25).
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  10. More pics from the Elle "Women in Holywood"
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  11. a figure to die for.
  12. Newborn Nahla Ariela Aubry may have a little sib soon.
    Halle Berry's beau Gabriel Aubry tells Usmagazine.com that he and the 41-year-old actress are trying to have another baby.
    "Yeah, we are working on that!" he told Us at Elle magazine's 15th Annual Women in Hollywood event in Beverly Hills, where Berry was honored on Monday.
    Despite wanting to expand their family, Aubry said, "We have no plans for marriage. We are more married than ever, really.” (After two failed marriages, Berry has famously vowed to never wed again.)
    Since welcoming their daughter in March, Aubry said he is amazed at how the actress has embraced motherhood.
    "I mean, look at her - she is unbelievable!" he told Us. "She is the best mom that anybody could ask for -- or wish for!"
    As for Nahla?
    "She is on the verge of walking," Aubry said. "She is walking with assistance, let's just put it that way."
    "I had no expectations so everything is a surprise," Aubry told Us of fatherhood. "There is no best part. Everything is amazing!"
  13. shes beautiful and so is the baby. look she's a real woman...stretch marks on her boobs
  14. Leaving baby Nahla back home for a little errand time, Halle Berry was spotted out shopping at Target in Los Angeles, California on Sunday (October 12).
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  15. Continuing to spend countless hours in the gym as she snaps back into pre-pregnancy form, Halle Berry was spotted out for a yoga workout in West Hollywood on Monday (October 13).
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