Halle Berry Wants More Children

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  1. Halle Berry hasn’t even popped out this first one and she is already talking about plans for a second. :smile: While filming a segment on Oprah, Miss Berry admitted that as soon as she gives birth to baby number one she is going to start trying for baby number 2. And who can blame her when she has Gabriel Aubrey as a partner? Oprah always gets the scoop!
    Halle also admitted that she doesn’t want to find out the gender of the child. I couldn’t do that! I had to find out right away. Did you wait? Or were you surprised at the birth?

  2. I think it's great that she wants more kids. She's not that young to wait to have another.
    She's a wonderful woman and deserves to be happy.
  3. Some other interesting thing from the interview:

    Actress Halle Berry, 41, was delighted to be able to show off her baby bump as she taped her appearance on Oprah yesterday. Of course her pregnancy was a hot topic and, according to the Chicago Sun Times, Halle revealed that when she first thought she might be pregnant she used 35 home pregnancy tests -- with only the last one showing a positive result!
  4. Aaww, that's kinda cute :smile:

  5. ^^^^^

    Good Lord, what brand did she use?
    HPTs nowadays are very reliable, as long as you follow directions to the T.....

    I find that hard to believe....35 kits??????
  6. well she really doesn't have that much time left so she should try to have them asap