Halle Berry Tops Fab At 40 List

  1. 8th July 2007
    Halle Berry Tops Fab At 40 List.
    Halle Berry is the world's most fabulous 40-something celebrity, according to a new American magazine poll.
    Berry beat model/designer Daisy Fuentes and Salma Hayek in the Fabulous At 40 countdown, compiled by In Touch Weekly magazine.
    Editors chose the Catwoman star to top the list because she has "evolved into this woman that feels very confident in who she is".

    The top 10 is:

    1. Halle Berry
    2. Daisy Fuentes
    3. Salma Hayek
    4. Pamela Anderson
    5. Martina McBride
    6. Maria Bello
    7. Tia Carrere
    8. Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon
    9. Melina Kanakaredes
    10. Nicole Kidman.
  2. They certainly got it right with Halle. But Pam Anderson? Whatever.
  3. She is stunning
  4. I love Halle!!
  5. ^ me too she's so gorgeous for any age
  6. Halle just gets hotter and hotter as every year goes by!
  7. What is Sofa King Old about 40?? I think I wish I were 40 again! :popcorn:
  8. Halle is very pretty. Congratulations to her!
  9. Halle is stunning!Good for her!
  10. Halle is beautiful. :tup: Congrats to her!
  11. Halle deserves it..she's beautiful! So is Daisy Fuentes!
  12. Halle is a beautiful woman. But Pam Anderson? She's looking hag like these days.
  13. I really like her.
  14. I only partially agree with the list.. Halle, Garcelle, Selma.. I'm not so sure about the rest !
  15. she's beautiful