Halle Berry Shaving her HEAD!

  1. would like to see a pic when she does
  2. She had her hair very short in the past and looked stunning. She will still be stunning if it is bald.
  3. She's one of those people that can pretty much pull off anything... *****. lol. I love her!
  4. She could grow a beard and still be gorgeous hahahah, shes such a great actress
  5. I think that if I were to shave my head anyone e who would look at me would wanna kill themselves!!! LOL!!:roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  6. She will still be stunning for sure.
    Now if only I could pull off a baldie.......lol I get the giggles and (shivers) just thinking about it!
  7. gorgeous..still!
  8. I always thought that she looks so much better with short hair,but to totally shave it off?Well that will be interesting.
  9. I agree!:yes:
  10. She will look good still.
  11. yes, I agree, its gonna be easier for somebody this stunning to cope without any hair!

    She has extensions anyhow, so its not like she is losing loads of hair anyhow ;)
  12. I don't think anything could make that girl look bad!
  13. i can see it - i bet she'll be stunning. her bone structure is so amazing that this will just put the focus on that even more.
  14. I think she still will b pretty w/ bald