Halle Berry Receives Racist Threats To Unborn Baby!

  1. Pregnant actress HALLE BERRY has hired security guards after receiving racist threats to her unborn baby, according to media reports.
    The Oscar-winning beauty, who is three months pregnant, has received sickening letters from a stalker.
    One letter taunted the star, saying her and child will be "cut into hundreds of pieces," reports British newspaper The Daily Mirror.
    A source tells the paper, "Halle does not normally use security but she has taken on a couple of guys to make sure."
    Police are investigating the threats.
    Berry is expecting her first child with Canadian model Gabriel Aubry.

  2. :wtf:OMG
  3. I am sorry to hear this -- so sad!
  4. :wtf: omg..that is sickening!!!

    Ugh..why do people have to be so nasty?

    Though its only a threat, I am glad she is taking precautions...
  5. OMG! That is outrageous!
  6. omg!So sad!
  7. These days you have to take threats seriously. Weirdo's are coming out of the woodwork.

    And to the idiots that are making racist threats to her, don't they realize Halle is bi-racial herself?
  8. that is awful, poor Halle she must be worried.
  9. Wow that is awful. People can be so rude and stupid...she is a wonderful person who has never done anything wrong to anyone...she does not deserve this.
    Ugh very frustrating!
  10. I loathe crazies that do not tolerate. There baby is going to be so cute let's hope this isn't true and just made up cause it would be so awful.
  11. That's horrible! I would be so frightened. :sad:
  12. People are sooo PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!! ACK! nothing better to do with their lives... Horrible, just horrible.
  13. Oh I hope nothing bad happens.
  14. OMG people really have no lives!!:cursing:
  15. that's horrible!