Halle Berry Pregnant ?

  1. [​IMG]
  2. It definitely looks like she is! What a gorgeous baby she'll have if she is pregnant!
  3. I can't see the pic. :sad:
  4. The first picture looks like she's definately pregnant.
  5. [​IMG]

    can you see this picture now?
  6. Yes I can and in pic 1 she does look a little pregnant.
  7. looks like she is....
  8. She totally looks preggers in the first pic!!
  9. I hope she is..all she's been wanting for awhile is a child. When the time is right it will happened..& it looks like it might have. That baby will be gorgeous!
  10. awww i hope its true!
  11. She's not pregnant. That photo was taken a while ago and if it's not air up under that dress, it's been photo shopped. She's recently cut her hair and it's shorter now.
  12. ^^ thanks for clearing that up. I thought she looked preggos too.
  13. she does look it in the first one, but in the second one, from the side, there is nothing of her, and her boobies do not seem to have got any bigger :smile:

    She is dating a pretty model guy if I remember rightly. Gosh, that would be one pretty baby :biggrin:
  14. Bah :sad:
  15. Aww I would have been sooo happy for her, that's the one thing she always wanted.