Halle Berry-"Perfect Stranger" Premiere in Miami, 19 Marzo 2007

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  2. She looks very pretty (hair and make-up). I have to say that I hate that dress though.
  3. She is soooo gorgeous!! She also has an amazing body. Can't wait to see this movie too!
  4. ^^^i can't wait for this movie too!!

    ita she is beyond gorgeous! i'm not a fan of her clothing choices but physically she is stunning
  5. She is gourgeous as usually! And I think the dress is very cute and looks good on her!
  6. Ahhh! She looks hot AS ALWAYS, but I so wish she'd cut her hair off again!
  7. She looks fabulous as always, she is so beautiful!
  8. Gorgeous! Her makeup is beautiful.
  9. She's jusy simply gorgeous.
  10. Gorgeous!!!!
  11. [​IMG]

    The dress is too short. Reminds me of Toni Braxton.
  12. Pretty!
  13. Love her!
  14. She is very pretty!!Nice legs!
  15. She is perfection from head to toe! I HATE HER!!! JUST KIDDING! I Love Halle...she looks so beautiful here! Love that dress!