Halle Berry Looks FANTASTIC!!

  1. Could she be any cuter while pregnant?! She really has that glow!

    This Is Disgusting

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    Could Halle Berry get any hotter???
    We just can’t stand it!
    The mom-to-be was literally glowing at the Los Angeles premiere of her new film, Things We Lost In The Fire, Monday night at the Egyptian Theater.
    She definitely wins the award for hottest pregnant lady!
    While Halle and her equally gorgeous model boyfriend work on their new project together, Berry has said she will not be reprising her role as Catwoman in the new Justice League feature film adaptation.
    With age comes wisdom!

    She looks fantastic...kudos to her!!!
  2. Wow!! Gorgeous!!
  3. Stunning !
  4. Did we really expect anything else? Gorgeous gal.
  5. Wow!! She is gorgeous as always!
  6. She DOES look great.....
    I could never look good when I was preggers....{{{ sigh }}}
  7. Wow, she really is gorgeous!
  8. She looks great and the JC boots she wore with the dress were hot!
  9. she looks fantastic!
  10. Halle could wear a paper bag as a dress and still look stunning. I don't think I ever saw a bad photo of her. She is a very classy lady who just glows being pregnant.
  11. I bet she'll look gorgeous even birthing - she is just stunning and obviously pregnancy suits her!
  12. she looks amazing!
  13. lovely
  14. i want to look like that if i ever get pregnant :girlsigh:
  15. Wow...she does look beautiful. There's no way I will look like that if am pregnant hahaha