Halle Berry Looking good

  1. [​IMG]Halle Berry rolls ahead at London's Heathrow Airport on Wednesday. The actress celebrated her one-year anniversary with boyfriend Gabriel Aubry last month.

    I say, Halle's looking good lately, and check out the bags she's lugging
  2. Luv Halle!!:yes:
  3. My friend and I said we would her body if we could have any Hollywood body!
  4. She has the best outfits. :yes:
  5. & the best thing?!... the girl is pushing 40 :nuts: Gives me hope, I'm only a few years behind her~ She's stunning!
  6. she always looks fab, down to earth but stunning. One of my favourite movie stars.
  7. Beautiful as always.
  8. She's so stunning--looks younger than she is, yet very natural. Love her!
  9. agree 100%
  10. She always looks great!!! ( that beeeyotch!! lol!)

    Love her!
  11. She always looks terrific!!!
  12. She always looks so beautiful and classy. Love her.
  13. Halle always looks good!!! I love her outfits!
  14. She looks really good!
  15. She always looks great!