Halle Berry - Is this really the Big (Large) Baca?

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  1. This article says that this is the Big Baca bag (the one that sells for over $700 in most places), but to me it looks like the regular size. I thought the main difference between the two was in the length and to me, this doesn't look long enough to be the Big Baca.

    Does anyone know whether or not it is in fact the Big (Large) Baca, or is it really the regular size one?

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  2. I'm pretty sure that is the large one. My bag is not that big. I can't imagine what you could carry in the large one because my regular sized one holds a ton.
  3. I think it's actually called the Obama Baca. :P:wlae:
  4. That looks like the Big Baca to me too. My regular Baca does not look that big.
  5. Wow. Halle is really getting her use out of that bag isn't she? It almost looks like a satchel. It looks fab, but I think she went a little too far pairing it up with that Versace dress at a movie premiere! :wtf:
  6. Yes, I agree with the others... My Baca is not that deep, so she's gotta be carrying the large Baca.
  7. I agree too. My Baca doesn't look that big, even though it can fit a lot of stuff in.
  8. Is the Baca the only Gustto to be made of lambskin? I have a Setela and it doesn't feel like lambskin to me. But then again, when I was looking at all the Gusttos at the mall, I did notice that the Baca had a much different look and feel then all the other Gustto bags. It was much thicker and softer.