Halle and her man shopping

  1. [​IMG]
  2. very cute, cute handbag
  3. The bag is cute, she's cute...ah Halle Berry. I was reading about the article about her InStyle. It's really cute and she looks adorable. Of course you can tell how they airbrushed her face A LOT on the cover and how in this pictures she has cute chubby cheeks. Oh well, she's still hot!
  4. the baby is going to be gorgeous. :yes:
  5. She's lovely!

  6. I agree. I can't wait to see this baby.
  7. she looks so lovely :smile:
  8. That much prettiness for two people has gotta be illegal. She's got all that and a gorgeous bag to boot. No fair.
  9. great couple - I love her bag too
  10. Love her and love the bag!
  11. After all her men trouble, I'm just glad he seems like a nice guy. Hope it lasts.
  12. that baby will be beautiful and she looks sweet there- lucky gal
  13. wow she hides her pregnancy well.. but then again, i'm not following how far along she is
  14. love her!! and he's hot!