Hall of Shame!


Feb 14, 2008
So I sell my Mahina wallet as I have my eye on another LV item. NOW the seller has buyer's remorse and wants to return it. I've already used the funds.
She's now filing a claim that the item is NOT as described just to get her refund. My pics are amazing and show every detail. BEWARE of ID "3369cecilia" as she has done this in the past and its just causing me grief:rant:


Aug 9, 2010
New Jersey
I am sorry, but you have a 14 days return policy specified in your listing. I know that you put conditions on it, but it is against Ebay's policy. If you accept returns, you accept them for any reason:
"If you accept returns, a buyer can return an item for any reason, including when they change their mind about a purchase—as long as the return meets the return requirements—for example, returning an item within your stated time frame, and meeting item condition requirements."

You can't say that you accept returns in order to get your 20% discount on fees, but then only choose which returns you will accept. It does not work that way.
Apr 15, 2007
If you state in your listing that returns are accepted, you have to adhere to
your own policy.

Its unfortunate that your buyer changed her mind & perhaps you should have
waited before you used your funds for another purchase.


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Feb 25, 2007
East Coast, USA
Unfortunately your buyer didn't realize that she had the right to return the bag if she admitted buyer's remorse so she felt that her only option was to fabricate an authenticity dispute since that's what your listing (incorrectly) states.

In this case, you were wrong by putting disallowed restrictions in your return policy.