Hall of Shame: Post the Ebay Fakes Here!

  1. Good think I just searched this thread because I was about to post the same thing - I'm on their email list and am shocked at the similarities. I had ordered from them before but I also will be removing myself from their list. Bleh:tdown:
  2. For you sleuths out there...


    This link takes you to an auction for a birkin. Look closely at the (enlarged) simgle image--you will see a fuzzy area where a watermark was likely removed.

    The seller refuses to accept responsibility for authenticity issues (duh!!). My question--does anyone recognize the image? Only the original owner of the image can report to eBay...
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  4. Yup. The first seller is using an image from lucy's auction, with the watermark erased. Sent a note to Lucy... THANKS--great eyes!
  5. Great! It's an honor to be of help. You (and the other authenticators) do such an amazing job~
  6. ^^Totally. But the seller isn't saying Hermes anywhere so eBay will let it stand.

  7. ---- oh my god. dear, that has happened at louis vuitton shop in asia!!! i wouldnt say which country but rumor has it that the socialite who was able to identify that the bag she bought was a fake was supposed to sue LV but then was given an out of court settlement.