Hall of Shame: Post the Ebay Fakes Here!


Jan 18, 2006
Let me start this thread by saying that tPF does not condone fakes in any way! This thread is to post fake/counterfeit Hermes so that we can report to eBay, and most importantly, to warn potential buyers about! Please stay ON TOPIC.
Please make 100% anything you post for sure counterfeit so as not to wrongly accuse sellers, if you're not certain then please don't contribute.

Please make sure to also include the ebay seller name before posting the link.


1- this thread is NOT for authenticating bags. Please post any and all questions about authenticity here: http://forum.purseblog.com/hermes-shopping/authenticate-this-hermes-17673.html If we see questions like this here, we will simply delete them.
2- please do not go into great detail as to what about a particular item is fake- we don't want to give counterfeiters any hints on how to improve their dubious products.
fake small croc/gator kelly:


eBay: Hermes Grace Kelly Purse - Beautiful Condition!!!!! (item 250052979599 end time Dec-01-06 22:57:08 PST)