Hall of Shame... Post Prada Fakes Here

  1. deekai: sorry about that, I posted the wrong link. seller sold the bad. Are you able to remove the link in the post? I have reposted the correct link for viewing if you like. I feel like an idiot for doing that.
  3. bag has sold
  4. ^ It's sellers like her that scare me: Feedbacks in the hundreds and all positive. PLUS she had the audacity to put the prada bag right next to the "Flannels" box (I think this is a legit department store in UK?) as if they're somehow connected - almost implying she purchased the bag there. Very wily... never comes right out and say that the bag is authentic.. just that it has the Authenticity card, etc. Too bad about the private eBay IDs.
  5. :tdown:IMPORTANT!! This EXACT SAME Fairy Bag has been listed with the EXACT same text,description,pics etc for about 5 times on Ebay for the last few months. All under different seller IDs with 100% feedback claiming they were past MYPOUPETTE sellers. PLEASE BEWARE! I believe it is the same 'group' of scam sellers. So please warn whoever you know that may bid on this.
  6. ^OMG... I almost choked on my spit reading her description... "this is a LEGITIMATE Prada Fairies Bag - not a replica or knock-off others are trying to peddle".. who is she kidding. everything about that auction is hideous.. the bag, the 'authenticity' cards/tag, and dustbag. I hope her 'no return - no refund' policy scare the other would-be bidders.