Hall of Shame... Post Prada Fakes Here

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  1. We are going to tribunal soon about the whole thing. Do you have any evidence that could help support our claims?
  2. haha hall of shame
  3. Hi all, please help me to report this Carouseller @bestdealeverrr (previously @timexzone) http://carousell.com/bestdealeverrr/
    I bought one of her preloved bags and it turned out fake. She agreed to fully refund me but insisting that 'all her items are authentic and above one thousand dollars'. I can tell that the Longchamp bags she sells are fake as well and therefore the authenticity of her other listings (include Chanel, Prada, Coach, Daniel Wellington, YSL, Burberry and etc.) are highly doubtable. Please report her!
  4. I’m actually not sure that one is fake! I know rebelle as a highly reliable site!! They even contacted me once after I bought a Chanel credit card holder and said that the seller removed a certain tag and said that this could cause me trouble re-selling it in the sense that it would lower the product’s value! They offered me to cancel the purchase.. So I’d assume this is just a vintage bag in bad condition as they seem to carefully check all items!
  5. I'm VERY sure it's fake. Even reputable secondary retail sites get stung with fakes. No one is immune.
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  6. IMG_0708.JPG IMG_0707.JPG IMG_0704.JPG IMG_0701.JPG IMG_0700.JPG IMG_0700.JPG IMG_0701.JPG IMG_0704.JPG IMG_0707.JPG IMG_0708.JPG Hi guys, I have this PRADA BAG which I have purchased and I want to know if it is authentic or not. Could you guys help me out
  7. Came across this one in my quest for my 1st Prada. Seller goes so far as to claim it was purchased in NYC 5th Ave. store.
    IMG_3652.jpg IMG_3653.jpg IMG_3654.jpg IMG_3655.jpg

  8. Oh dear Lord....what a VILENESS. Some comments have been added for your amusement (and as a caution to others).
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  9. Shoot, the Listing got removed before I could enjoy the seeing the comment roast...
    Glad it got pulled though.
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