Hall of Shame... Post Prada Fakes Here

  1. It certainly is refreshing to have a seller come here and admit the possibility of that they might have made a mistake. THANK YOU!!

    Unfortunately, 99% of those website that scream their authenticity are FAKE.

    I love the Cervo Antik's and you're lucky to have one.

    I'm relatively new to Prada but have learned tons from tPF. Welcome and I hope you stay around and learn like I have. I like to see what's new on eBay and hate to see fakes on there that people will spend their hard earned money on believing they got the real thing.
  2. ...................and GONE!! :yahoo:
  3. :busted I love this. Waiting for the fakes to disappear. I think we need a "Going, going, GONE!" smiley. Fake Busters
  4. Fantastic. I was wondering if they would do anything since it was outside the US.
  5. Following up on my investigation.....I took my Prada Gauffre shopping tote that was removed from eBay to my local Neiman Marcus and the woman, Elena who sold me my Cervo was there. She has been working for Neiman's for nine years. She reported they are not allowed to say whether a handbag we bring it is authentic or not, HOWEVER, she did do a complete look over and this is what she said. "I cannot say absolutely it is not real, I have seen some come in that are obviously fake. Everything looks good on this handbag, but I do not like the sound of the leather." She thought the leather sounded "squeaky" and brought a similar bag with the same leather, and I also noticed the difference. The feel of the leather on the NM bag was just a bit softer. She told me to call the NYC Prada store and they will pass on information to where I can get an absolute definate answer. So stay tuned... Thanks for your feedback.
  6. It is nice to have a seller come on here and start their own investigation, thank you!
  7. Sorry.....I kept getting a different seller.
  8. Sorry about that-it sold.