Hall of Shame ~ Picture Stealer ~ Buyer Beware

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  1. Ladies,

    Please make sure when you post that you know for sure that this is stolen pictures. Please do not post if you are unsure who the real picture owner.

    Mod, if you are not happy with this thread, feel free to remove. I just thought this will be useful reference.

    To make it easy, please use this format

    Stealer Name:
    Stealer website:
    Original picture owner name:
    Original picture website:
    Original picture link:

    Always remember to watermark your picture !
  2. I think this is great, since my item has sold some time ago and went to a great tpfer. I will just quote my original post when the mess was going on with this little thief.

    If anyone is purchasing from SELLER - MADEUP4U...be aware she has stole pictures in the past, be careful.

    Ebay took down her listing when they saw she not only stole my pictures but EXACT description. Seller is lazy too.:P

  3. tao bao is a horrible Chinese website where most pp sell fakes and steal pix from other people. I personally water marked all of my pix with Traditional Chinese (:heart:)

    Classic Chic @ tPF
    私人收藏照, 僅供 tPF論壇使用.
    網友請自重, 謝勿盜用

    private collection, pix for use on tPF only, item not for sale. Have some self respect, do not steal pix.

    TaoBao user mainly use Simplified Chinese, but I'm sure they can read Traditional Chinese as well. hope it helps!
  4. Thanks. I learned my lesson. Now, I start to watwrmark all my pics :biggrin:
  5. I don't have the information, anymore, and all of the listings have been removed, but a seller on Bonanzle stole my pictures when I was selling my Louis Vuitton Neverfull.
    His/her id was: tnguyen4
    When you searched for neverfull mm, his listing came up right beside mine! He was selling it for a little less, and while mine came with the receipt, he claimed that it was lost.
    I was beyond miffed.
  6. This should be a sticky - like the "NON-PAYERS".
  7. ^yes. I agree that this should be stickied. Who do we ask?

  8. this is extremely crazy~~~ yeah u shud.. prevent online thiefs
  9. thanks for starting this...
  10. Email the ebay seller, tell her that the pictures belong to your and were stolen from your Kiiji listing, she photoshopped your background to disguise the image theft and you are giving her the opportunity to end the listing herself before you report her to ebay.

    Send her a link to the picture theft policy: http://pages.ebay.com/help/policies/image-text.html
  11. ^agree.. give her the opportunity to do what is right... & let's see if she does..
  12. This is a great idea. Should definitely stick.