Hall of Shame: Fake Celine!

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  2. I have worked on some PayPal claims recently, and the following eBay sellers have proven to be selling fakes, yet are still selling, even the same bags that have been deemed fake.


    Each bag should be authenticated individually (as other TPFrs have already done on bags listed by two of these sellers) as there is always a chance the seller themselves did not know they were selling a counterfeit bag.
  3. thank you so much, that is really helpful :woohoo::woohoo:
  4. thank you for this info!
  5. Is it just me or does anyone feel that the fake celines are getting better??!
    I own 2 luggages and I am looking for other colors but my local boutique is always sold out. I started searching on ebay and bonz and oh my, the fakes are really good!! I had a tough time comparing the pictures with my luggages. And I have given up searching online. I had to literally scrutinise every section on the bag to be able to tell the fakes from the real ones!
    I used to be a Chanel lover, and could tell the fake Chanels rather easily. But definitely not for Celine!!
  6. I agree--it is scary and despicable. There are only a couple of ways I can now tell if certain bags are fake by pics alone.
  7. They are getting better. Easier to tell in person, as HeathJo mentioned, but in photos it is getting harder. There are still a couple tells, but not the number three used to be.
  8. Defo I nearly got duped on eBay
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    same seller :



  10. Yes, I totally agree. I'm too scared to buy Celine on ebay
  11. are the fakes getting better and better? i do notice some nice looking luggage and trapeze on the authenticate this that i thought were real and then. the lovely ladies who helped us authenticate celine bags say they were fake. it's soooo scary
  12. Yes my exact same thoughts! I saw a royal blue trapeze on eBay that looked good, but realized it's a fake coz it came with the zip at the back! It's really scary. And many of those fakes confirmed on the AT thread sold for lots of money!!
  13. Hi everyone, sorry for the extremely wordy post but I had to share my experience with eBay seller "luv to shop 116". Last night i bidded and won a used Celine tricolor trapeze from him. He had a 100% positive feed back and is located in Canada(same as me) so I thought I got a great deal and didn't have to pay import fees either. *I was stupid enough to not do more digging prior to the bidding but I was too caught up on the 100% feedback and the location of the seller. *I have emailed the seller prior to bidding re: place of purchase and proof. *He replied only after the bidding ended that he bought it at Barney's in April and could show me a copy of the credit card receipt and was going to send out the bag the next day. *I decided to flip through his feedbacks again and read each one in detail and I found another listing for what looks like the same bag that was sold last month to another seller. The feedback was changed from what seemed like a negative one to "OK". But I could not retrieve any details re: that feedback on eBay. *I then went on google and searched for the seller + Celine and I was able to see the original feedback stating the bag was a fake. *I was alarmed by what I found and realized that he has not sold any "designer" bags for a long time. *I went ahead and contacted him stating what I found and told him to save us both time and energy I hope he will be honest re: the authenticity of the bag and advise me before mailing it out. *He did not comment on the authenticity of the bag but went ahead and sent out an eBay cancellation stating that he will refund me as soon as I accepted the cancelled transaction. *As I was just about to cancel the transaction I noticed there a little alert saying " do not accept cancellation unless u haven't paid or have gotten your refund, or else contact the seller". *At this point I was frustrated and demanded my refund before I can do anything else. *He then writes a email to me saying I should do my research before bidding, if I'm not comfortable do not bid, he's sold "many" Hermes, Chanel,etc bags in the past with no issue, blah blah blah. I already knew I was going to tell one guys about this seller before I received that email but I could not hold back any longer after hearing what he had to say. I'm sorry, but really, you're blaming me for wasting your effort b/c ur selling a counterfeit item? And just because you sold maybe 5 "authentic" bags back in 2007 I should just trust u that ur legit? I'm sorry for ranting on here but really had to get this off my chest! Everyone just be extra extra careful when shopping on eBay!*
  14. powderpuff wow really sorry to hear what you've been through :sad:
    i hope everything's turn out alright for you

    lofty yes exactly, some of them sold for really high price, i feel so sorry for the buyers thought they're getting the real deal, i can't imagine the horror when they finally find out
  15. I've been wondering this for a while! A lot of the fakes I've been seeing of the luggage / phantom / mini luggage don't have "Celine Paris" on the outside at all! Do the real ones over time lose that writing? Does it rub off? I'm not sure if I want to pay so much for a bag if its going to look fake in a year :thinking::confused1::confused1: Can someone help me??