Hall of Shame: Fake Celine!

  1. [​IMG] her name is audrey kitching and she actually condones buying fakes.
  2. Who IS this?????
  3. her name is audrey kitching she is an alternative model
  4. This thread isn't really for calling out specific people; rather, it's for listings (on eBay or Bonz, for example) that are selling Celines which are counterfeit and passing them off as the real deal to unsuspecting consumers. It's important for many of us as we routinely report these listings in an effort to have them removed.
  5. okay
  6. The worst is, they claim it's 100% authentic and put the price so high to deceive people it 'real'
  7. Yes. I believe the bag pictured in that auction to be fake. I would contact the seller and request a refund. If you want confirmation that the bag is fake, you can post your own photos in the authentication thread (more detailed than the ones in the auction), and I will look at them.
  8. Thanks Dreamlet, I know for sure the bag is not real because there is no serial number tag or made in italy imprint. These were not shown in the listing. Opened a case with eBay. Will come back to TPF for help before buying anything in future..