Hall of Shame: Fake Celine!


Apr 17, 2006
I was unaware it was fake but didn’t pay enough to make it worth the hassle of a return. I am curious how you know from these pics? The construction and materials are outstanding.

If it is fake, mods please delete thread. It was created in error

I'm sorry to hear that. The proportion of the entire bag is off. The handles are way too large and the stitching is off. Also the button on the side of the bag is fake.


Dec 14, 2018
Impressed with how much you've cleaned it. But yeah, bad fake. If Paypal doesn't come through, you should go back to Mercari and see if they'll give you an extension. I imagine this wasn't cheap even being fake

Just as a cautionary tale for rehabbing... from browsing these sites, 90%+ of the really damaged and dirty bags are fake. People feel fine trashing a $50 fake, but a $3000 bag generally is taken care of and lasts better, and even secondhand they are expensive enough that people don't usually ruin them. You can find a Luggage that need some cleaning and help for around $1000, but be careful of the screaming deals
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Feb 26, 2012
As an update, I will never buy from Mercari again. Their policy is that once feedback is left and/or 3 days have passed since delivery, they are done, no refund no matter if you find out you bought a counterfeit or spend three days waiting for a response. Trying to contact them put me in a loop of click contact, go to a page asking you to select your question, select return, be taken to my fake bag, click, be taken to a page with the policy saying sorry not sorry. Contacted Paypal.

Paypal messaged Mercari who sent me a paypal message with their policy and telling me in the future and to address my current complaint, to use their help center, which is the big click loop mentioned above. It is clearly a canned message and ignores mine saying hey I know your policy BUT...so I restated and resent. Meanwhile Mercari sends me a private message through their system that is almost the same as the one through paypal except this one threatens me that if I ever invoke paypal again they are canceling my Mercari account. Like I would use it again after this.

So I gave up trying to see if I could break the loop and really contact them (they don’t even have a reply button on the pm they sent me) and sent the case to Paypal to judge. I referred them to this thread, explained why I want an exception to the policy, and that I tried twice to reach a person at Mercari and was unable. Now I am waiting to hear if they will side with me or Mercari.
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