Hall of Shame: Fake Celine!

  1. It is from Aritzia..lol
  2. Yeah :tdown:

    That's why we need to report these listings!
  3. can we trust craigslist?
  4. Im confuse but doesn't it need to have the Celine name on the bag for it to consider "fake"? To me it looks like Celine inspired bag because the tag shows complete different name. JMO.
  5. Yeah, in my post I mentioned that I wanted to put the picture in an 'inspired' thread but there wasn't one so I put it in this one :smile:

  6. oh yeah..:p i missed that one. Thanks. Ive been lurking here for a while. Can't decide what color to pull the trigger for. I want it all.:biggrin:

  7. Unfortunately the fakes are getting better. There are still a few ways to tell though!
  8. God the fakes are getting so good....it makes you sick when we spend so much on authentic bags :pout::pout: