half thrilled, half bummed...

  1. okay. so i went out of town this weekend (btw, switchfoot puts on a GREAT concert, hehe) and hit up coach before leaving, so i could do some pce stuff.

    first the good: i found my carly in chambray!!! apparently, there were 2 left in a store in connecticut and my sa begged for them to let me do the pce (since it's a phone order). and they DID! so i'm definatley thrilled about that. and i don't care what anybody says about it- i got that freaking bag back and i'm gonna love it!!!

    AND, i was talking with the manager about the ergo and how that was what i really wanted. SO, he was the one who suggested a little loophole with ergo. he told me to buy something that was the same price as the ergo- and when ergo came in, just exchange the one i got. SO, i think i'm gonna end up with the scarf print ergo (not even sure what i bought that was $328, lol. i should look that up).

    and other than that, i haven't ordered anything new. i'm thinking about a new wallet, though- but i'm not sure. oh, i got something for raok- but that's a secret. :p

    anyways, i definately left VERY happy and thrilled with the customer service. :yes:

    and now what has me totally bummed...a month ago, i took in my black legacy shoulder bag for repairs. couldn't be repaired, so i got that letter for the full price back (still gotta use it. sa said to keep it for a rainy day, lol). no big deal.

    ...but now my beloved, gorgeous whiskey shoulder bag now has a broken turnlock. it happened at the concert, so i'm missing a piece. i called my sa and she said they would probably just replace the bag- or send out a letter. and i am SO bummed because that bag is just absolutely perfectly broken in and looking gorgeous. and when i went in for pce, i even got compliments from the sa's about how wonderful it looked and that i must've been taking great care of it.

    i'm trying to stay totally positive, but i can't help but feel like that legacy breaking broke my spirit. so, thank GOODNESS coach has such a great guarantee on their bags!!!

    *sigh*. thanks for listening to me rant, hehe.
  2. Aww I'm sorry about your legacy bag... it's hard letting go of a bag you've already spent a lot of quality time with :sad: Maybe if you explained how attached to the bag you were they could just replace the turnlock instead of the whole bag?

    Congrats on all your fabulous PCE purchases though - hopefully they will make up for having to get your bag repaired :heart:
  3. Congrats on getting the carly back and your new ergo.
    Sorry to hear about your legacies.
  4. it just sucks having to lose a bag that is pretty sentimental, in a stupid way. and i asked my sa about just doing the turnlock and she said that since i didn't have the other piece, they probably wouldn't do that...
  5. Aaawwww, kallison, I'm so sorry about your legacy bag! That bites! Especially since you have it all broken in and everything. I think you should beg a little more with that one and see if they can fix it.
    Congrats on the other stuff btw!! i didn't know you could return/exchange PCE stuff for full price value! Interesting.... I couldn't get the ergo either with my discount.
  6. ^i didn't think i could do that, either. but since it was the manager that suggested it, i figured it was okay! lol.
  7. Welcome back Kallison, sorry to hear about your shoulder bag.... Can't you tell them you are really bonded with it and get it repaired instead of replaced?
    Let me know whet you ended up getting for 328.00, I might try that also. (that's the price of the small ergo tote right?)
  8. I was really upset when the turnlock fell off my legacy leather flap...and lost it too...but they just replaced it upon seeing it so that made me happy again....
  9. aww Kallison, I am so sorry that you have to part with your bag...BUT I am soooo glad that you are finally reunited with Carly!!!!

    it will all work out in the end...proof of that is that you got the carly!
  10. i was SO excited about that carly- if i could have hugged my sa, i would have!!!

    originally, it was a big no on ordering it. then she said there were 2 left in connecticut, but i couldn't do pce on it- which was fine, i was willing to pay full price. she went in the back to make a call and came back with a "you are going to love me, katherine!" and she told me that they would let me do pce on a phone order! i think i probably screamed a little bit, lol.

    it definately made me feel good that she went the extra bit to make a customer happy.
  11. i did a happy dance for you when i read it...i know how AMAZING you looked with it!!!
  12. aw, thanks! :shame:

    i just realized i forgot to order my bangles! guess that means i gotta go back! :graucho:
  13. yes...you'll just have to go back now wont you!!! what color bangles are you getting?
  14. ^not sure...since the combo i want doesn't seem to exist (1/2" silver/punch), i might just get the 1/2" silver/silver. i think 3/4" is too big...maybe.
  15. i like the silver/silver combo...sooo beautiful in real life. my SA let me try on hers to see how it fit me and well it would fall off BUT it was breath taking! i dont know about the size though, i feel like the 1/2 would be "in style" longer and be more versatile than the 3/4. but i think you could pull off both.