Half price paddy's in UK

  1. Hi this is my first post in Chloe, hope I posted this in the correct place- just wanted to inform you that the site www.zeeandco.co.uk they are selling Chloe paddingtons and other Chloe half price and have shops around the uk (i have been they stock chloe, missoni, gina etc.) so I am sure they are authentic.
  2. Whow great prices, it just makes you wonder why pay retail or even same and more for used ones...?
    I like the Tan Zippy but not enough regrettfully there are no colors I must have:sad:, or should I be rather thankful...:p ?

    If this is the way things develop I wonder if I shouldn't wait for the Bay to go on sales especially since it's more an automne/winter bag for me?????
  3. Own up, which one of you bought the lot.

    :crybaby: Thought I might have found my baby there :crybaby:

    Thanks so much for sharing the link, another daily hot spot to visit.
  4. Great finds, but everything is taken!!
    I would have LOVED a wallet for those prices!!
    Even the gray betty sling!!
  5. gone!
  6. Sorry everything is sold out guys, when I vistited the site a few days ago they had stock, however if any of you are in the UK maybe you could visit one of their stores? The good news is they have summer sales around June- July and he sale is online as well. Keep checking, maybe they will have more stock?
  7. Doh. :push: Good prices.
  8. Are the bags really authentic? I mean the price just looks to good to be true.
    I loveee Chloe bags and I have never seen authentic ones at this price.
    Did somebody order from them before?
  9. I ordered a chloe top from there and it is authentic, they also have many shops around the UK and I have been shopping there for many years ando so have my family and friends. I am wary of buying online, but this is one of the many stores that I would by from online as I know they are authentic. Unfortunatly, everything is sold out! Shows how popular this store is:yes:
  10. Excellent...I might order some clothes then:smile:

    I was just wondering, because my friend works in Paris for Gallery Lafayet and she said that every shop that gets their bags direct from Chloe has to sell the bags at the price Chloe tells them.
    I think it is rough the same price as in all other boutiques in Paris?!

    Maybe this is just for Paris or France :confused1:
  11. Oh wow, that was fast, I was eyeing the wallets...
  12. Thanks alot for sharing :smile: