half of my collection...

  1. Sorry, the rest of my collection is in Texas (along with my :heart:). Also, sorry for the quality, I haven't quite perfected taking digital pics yet. Enjoy!!

  2. Wow- this is only half?!?!?!? Amazing collection
  3. Love that Sac Plat!
  4. Beautiful collection! Love that furry pink bag, is it Fendi?
  5. this is only half?!?!? YIKES!!!!!
  6. Love the green Spy!
  7. Love the green Spy and LV's!
  8. that's only the half? wow, awesome collection.
  9. wow! great halfer!
  10. Beautiful collection! I can't wait to see the other half...
  11. Thanks!! Actually that bag is red, and nope it's not Fendi...it's from an unknown designer in Austin. I purchased it 5 years ago at Therapy. It's called the cosmo bag (short for cosmopolitan), she had made other similar bags based off of alcoholic drinks. There was a white russian bag that was TDF!!! I wish I had gotten it while I had the chance. Grr..
  12. Thanks for all of the kind compliments everyone!! I have 13 other bags in Texas, when I go back this summer I will post the collection. Just a couple of BV's, Gucci's, and LV's. I try to keep some bags there, otherwise I have to bring a suitcase with me each time (as we go there for extended periods of time, and we all know that just one or two bags is never enough) just full of my handbags. :supacool: I just purchased a Myrtille epi Porte-Trésor and the dune mini lin Saumur, so I will post pics of those in the next couple of days. Also, I just placed a Made to Order @ LV for a black 50 epi keepall. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, as the manager said that LV has been telling most of her clients no to anything special that they want.
  13. love your spy!! thanks for sharing!!
  14. Thanks for sharing!
  15. Nice collection!