Half Moons - WOC? Pls help, I'm confused

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  1. I noticed one a WOC thread that the half moon WOCs comes with a chain just like all other WOCs...which is what WOC stands for "Wallet on Chain", right? But when I called Chanel today, they say they have Half Moon Clutch only, without the chain. Is it because the ones with chain is only seasonal? Any help/direction would be much appreciated.
  2. No, its not because of that. I didn't even know there was a Half Moon Clutch. Did you leave the ref # to the SA?

    What country are we talking about, what city?
  3. I don't think the Half Moon WOC is a seasonal item and yes I've never heard of the clutch either....Hmmm...
  4. SA in Sydney, NSW. I saw your beautiful burgundy Half Moon yesterday, SarahRae and that's why I asked them today when they called to confirm my funds have cleared for the Red Maxi. And she said that the Half Moon they have there is also in Burgundy but it has no chains....it is a clutch and the only ones on chains are the ones like the flap (WOCs). I clarified again by telling her I have seen half moons with chains (for cross body wearing) on TPF....and she said maybe seasonal but not this year. :confused1:
  5. Oh dear that's just strange. I'm on my way home now. Let me get the model no perhaps you can ring them tomorrow to check? Gimme about 45mins I'll be back with the no soon!
  6. I've never heard of a Half Moon clutch. I wonder if the SA was confused and though you were talking about the Timeless clutch. the shape is also a "half moon", but not at all the same bag.

    Maybe ask her if the one she has is quilted?

  7. Ah, maybe that is what it is. Thanks!
  8. Oh, thank you Sweetie!!! Would love to catch up with you when I am in SGP! :smile:
  9. Npps, I own a timeless clutch in caviar which they also call a half moon, DNW. And as far as I know, half moon WOCs aren't seasonal as far as stock is concerned, styles and colors are however.

  10. Thanks! I think our lines definitely got crossed today. And I think I will do WOC shopping in person. Wish they would hurry up and open a Chanel in Perth! Arghhhh!
  11. I totally agree with inthecity22. As far as I know, the Half Moon WOC is not seasonal, but the colours, like navy blue and burgundy red get snapped up pretty quickly. Oh and always, the black sells out like hotcakes! :graucho:

    Btw dear, here is the model/article no: A40033Y0668181540

    Hope it helps, and oh how can I forget! I didn't get the chance to call the Chanel Sydney boutique, it's Monday and was absolutely crazy in the office earlier!!! :nuts:

    I might just consider asking a personal shopper get it for me from Paris, think the price might be even cheaper as compared to asking Chanel Sydney to ship it to me. If that's not feasible, then I'll just pray and pray that one of the local resellers will have it, or try my luck if I go Sydney later this year. :sweatdrop::search:

    And YES!!! I would love to meet up with you when you're in SG dear!! And can't wait to drool looking at your fabulous red Maxi!!! :drool::drool::sweatdrop: :yahoo: