half moon WOC - which color to get?

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  1. The chain looks thin, and no metal CCs.
    Is the choice of silver or gold hw a big issue here?
  2. Ah it doesn't come in gold. Well, all the better...time to try silver for a change!
  3. I've PMed you ;)
  4. #19 Jan 27, 2010
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    I'd also love to know what month the Half-Moon WOC navy is coming out in. After seeing everyone's posts, I have fallen in love with it. Are the only colors that are currently offered in this line, black & white? Thanks!
  5. tks for all the advices. ive ordered the white. cos that was my 1st choice and also the black is out of stock where im ordering from.
  6. valerie_hh Where did you order from? Congrats on making your choice.
    hee, we're almost bag twins except that I've got mine in black whereas you got yours in white.

    It was almost the same for the Sevruga WOC ! ;)
  7. Woohoo! We are bag twin!! Tell me you were so inspired by me!!? LOL jk..
  8. I would go for black! you can wear it with everything and it would be great to have a darker color since you already have a lighter color WOC.

    Is the half moon going to be part of the classic collection now or is it seasonal?
  9. pro_shopper Not too sure if it's seasonal or classic but I got it under the 10C range...

    See pic of the box that mine came in. Shows the model number.

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  10. valnsw: i got it from penny, hirsheifers. :smile: i almost got the black one but i am already goinig to have 2 black bags.. one 2.55 black distresed calfskin and one westminister pearl (still pending). If i have more money, i would get the halfmoon black in the future.

    dinitegrity: i was indeed inspired by you and your WOC thread! bought 2 WOCs within a month. i feel so broke now. bleah..

    pro_shopper: hope i can get the black one in the future.. i dont think it is part of the classic collection but not 100% sure.
  11. Val, so honour to have inspired u!! I still own one but I just bought something is will be shipped out 1st thing tomorrow morning. Something I didn't expect to score more than 10years later. Await for my reveal. I am also so broke! A woc, then a Jumbo and now one more! All within a month, I may have to control myself not coming to TPF or else I will keep purchasing non-stop. No, it can't happen!
  12. wow dinitegrity, what's that? cant wait to see your reveal!!! no clues at all?

    and yeah TPF is bad for my wallet
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    The white is a good choice, it's very chic. I can't wait to see it. :biggrin:

    Oh dinitegrity and valerie_hh, your in the right place. TPF is bad for everyone's wallet.There should be a tPF Chanel Addicts Anonymous (TCAA).
  14. Val, I can't reveal now.. You'll have to wait for my reveal sometimes next week I promise. Promise me you will be there in my thread then? TPF is bad bad for my wallet but I still love TPF.. Still I have to control myself.. dinitegrity, bring back your self-discipline!! Arrgh.. LOL..

    BTW, remember to post in my WOC thread, ya!!? I am the only White Half Moon there. I want you my bag twins to be there too!!
  15. the black. It looks very classy in whatever ways you carry it.

    Hope this help!