half moon WOC - which color to get?

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  1. I have decided to get a half moon WOC. But im currently torn between the black and white color. Does the white one get dirtied easily? the black looks more classic but i really want to get a white WOC cos i doubt i will ever buy a white chanel bag. sigh..
  2. White Half Moon woc won't look dirty from far. But closer, it may look so. But definitely won't affect me. Your Pale rose WOC is already on the lighter color side, you may wanna buy the black one now.

  3. thanks! btw, does anyone know when we will have the relaunch of the half moon WOC? im thinking maybe i should postpone my purchase until the relaunch so there will be more colors to choose from.
  4. I want to know too..NM will have them coming in but I'm trying to find out exactly when this will be...hopefully someone else w/ more knowledge will be along to tell us! I am waiting for a black one..It will look better longer than the white one...
  5. The white to me was not a true white. It looked like it had a gray tint to it.
  6. True -- the white is a chalky color and is not dead white. I have an accordion flap in the same color/leather and also the WOC. The WOC met with catastrophic weather conditions and recovered beautifully. It didn't pick up the dye from my jeans. In my opinion, this is a great little bag in any color and if you are hesitating because of the white, I wouldn't.
    Just my 2 cents
  7. i would prefer the black one ;)
  8. mmh.. the white sounds like the sevruga white.... glad to hear this is more durable than it looks
  9. When I visited NM the other day I found out that the re-release of the Half-Moon WOC is in Spring Act 2 and it will come in black and navy. HTH I'm getting black :flowers:
  10. ^ Yeah but when are those bags released? Do you know what month?
  11. Black!
  12. hey do u know when navy is coming out and which NM u got the info from? thanks
  13. I have it in black and brown and i use the black more..Its amazing!The leather is SO WELL MADE.I wouldnt worry about the white...this WOC is made VERY WELL
  14. valerie_hh I've gotten the half-moon WOC in black and it arrived in Singapore on 25 Jan. Just that the delivery happened when I was not at home, so I'm rescheduling it to this Sat. Can't wait to get it! :party:

    Hoping this will be a better buy than the red Sevruga WOC I got, though I will still keep the red Sevrugao WOC as I'll probably match it with pink/red-toned clothes.

    When I do get it, I'll prob post pix. But you can see the black half-moon on Starbrite's thread ;)
  15. Hi valnsw, congrats on your new purchase! btw, where did you get the black half moon from? it is sold out from where i enquired. only the white is available. After reading thru the entire WOC thread, im also loving the matte-distressed reissue with gold hardware. arghh..so hard to make decision!