Half moon WOC vs rectangle WOC

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  1. If you have both a half moon WOC and a regular rectangle WOC do you prefer one over the other? I haven't seen a half moon WOC anywhere but it looks like from pics online it holds a little more. Is that true?
  2. I only have the quilted but yes the halfmoon holds more. It's also a magnetic closure v. the snap button closure on the quilted.

    You can search the forum for more info on this topic.
  3. Thank you monogram.
  4. I have both and prefer the half moon! It holds more and the magnetic closure is really safe! The snap of the classic one open sometimes by itself!
  5. Thank you!
  6. Well said!!

    That's all I would say about the two also!!

    Sometimes I like the magnetic closure better

  7. Yes, Halfmoon woc holds more than regular woc at least a pair of sunglasses.
  8. The half moon definitely holds more than the classic WOC.
  9. I couldn't fit all my stuff in a rectangle woc since I have to carry 2 phones so got a half moon woc. It does hold more.
  10. I like the look of the half moon more. Will this be your one and only woc? If yes and you want classic, I'd stick with the rectangle. If you are more concerned with holding more stuff, I'd go with the half moon.

    I have a large half moon and I love it!
  11. I can fit two iPhones into my 2.55 WOC though!

    But agree half moon does hold more and the magnetic closure also help

  12. But I feel half moon is more of casual look while classic or 2.55 WOC is more dressy.

    But you can always start from 1!
  13. I really love the look of both for different reasons but since the are so popular, I haven't been able to see either in person and test them out. I hope to eventually own them both. Thanks for your feedback.
  14. I have to carry keys too and couldn't fit that and 2 phones comfortably. When I carry my half moon I have room for the two phones, keys, lipgloss and sometimes my husband throws his card case or keys in there too.
  15. Rectangle WOC for the looks and half-moon WOC for practicability.