half moon WOC or LV Brea MM vernis for everyday use?

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  1. Hi I'm a mommy of 8 months old twins. Have dilemma between WOC or LV Brea for everyday use. I always out with the kids. Mostly by myself as dh working all the time so I was thinking WOC would be great option for hands free bag but worries it might be too small? ( I'm 5'6 , 110lbs )

    Is the woc big enough to put your sunglasses?

  2. I have an 18 month old and use the half moon a d then carry a diaper bag. This system has been working well for me.
  3. The halfmoon would fit glasses compared to the other models. I would go for WOC, very useful piece. I worry about vachetta on the Brea especially with kids. Just my two cents.
  4. The half moon is roomy! You can put your sunglasses inside, maybe without the case.
  5. I vote for half moon + a separate diaper bag
    Brea is not crossbody
  6. I suggest to use woc with you with your baby and find a diaper bag separate. I have both Brea and half moon woc. Brea is heavier and boxy. It's not friendly to use when you have a baby even cross body. Good luck!
  7. Half moon WOC all the way. Care free and so much roomier than it looks like.
  8. Brea is too dressy to me though! Half
    Moon is more casual so my vote goes to half moon and a diaper bag
  9. I don't have the half moon WoC, but I do have a Brea in MM.

    I find that it's too bulky to carry cross body, so the alternatives are to either carry by the handle or long strap over one shoulder. I can't imagine having to carry a Brea and juggle twins, so I feel that the better and lighter option is the half moon.

    Good luck deciding!
  10. the half moon is really roomy.. i can fit my camera, my cell phone, and my keys with room to spare. i have it in caviar and i don't worry too much about it getting scratched up or anything.
  11. I vote for the WOC :smile: its roomy and hands-free !
  12. Vote for the WOC too...
  13. I vote for the WOC, but you should ask this same question at the LV forum.:smile:
  14. Thanks ladies. Seem like WOC wins!!! Going to Chanel in 2 weeks. Have to find someone to babysit the twins while I quickly sneak out to Chanel store lol
  15. The Brea vernis is gorgeous but it's high maintenance. The leather gets rubbed easily and needs to be buffed often. It's also a little bulky and can't be worn crossbody. I used to only wear it to special events, not daily. The half moon or WOC is better for mothers with small kids. Good luck deciding!