Half moon vs. mini flap


Jan 26, 2010
Brooklyn, NY
I would love to PM many of you but I am too new to TPF so I had to make a thread. I just got the classic mini flap but am bummed about the chain length (42") as I love to carry it messenger. The bag itself is a perfect size for me. I am considering getting (if I can find it) the washed cavier half moon WOC. I'd really love a comparison pic of the 2 for those of you who own both & why you prefer one or the other. The woc is really slender, so I am nervous about fitting a phone & other goodies in it. My mini is aprox 7" x 3" x 5.5" h...HELP!!!


Jan 2, 2010
taysmom1, I am REALLY hoping to get a half moon WOC in the next week or two. If I'm lucky enough, then I will post some modelling pics next to my vintage (which means longer chain??) mini for you.