Half Moon Burgundy WOC

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  1. Anyone knows where I can get my hands on one? :biggrin:
  2. I heard there is navy too- if I see burgundy one I will let you know. I only ever see black and white
  3. Thanks so much! I appreciate it!
  4. There will be a burgundy color Half Moon WOC on the list for pre-Fall. They will also have a white and black as well but they're increasing the price to $1375. The SA in Boston told me that the leather has been upgraded to a thicker/better leather so that the bag no longer has a weathered look to it...hopefully its worth the $200 price jump! Shipment of their pre-Fall items can start as early as May, so I'll definitely be on the lookout for the burgundy one too! :biggrin:
  5. that's like 20% hmmmm better leather???--i'll believe it when i see it!
  6. I have 3 of these bags and I think the leather is
    just perfect!!!.....just another excuse for channel to increase their insane prices again... Sigh..!!
  7. Eh, it's probably because they didn't increase this WOC in February.
  8. ITA! I love the leather and the texture fits its shape perfectly. If it's going to be stiffer like the regular caviar, it will not fit its slouchy shape. I think Chanel regrets that it's such a popular item and thus wants its dip in its costs. :graucho:
  9. When is the price increase? I was on a list for the Navy Half Moon and then I received a call that US Boutiques will not be getting it. So, I will probably get the brown or black one. I would love to get it before price increase, not sure though.
  10. I managed to get the burgundy half moon and I must say it is a keeper! Piperlu - I would get the black - SO pretty! I wished they did the blue though, it sounds heavenly!
  11. Price increase?! That sucks! I agree that Chanel probably saw a surge in sales of WOC and its popularity and now they're taking advantage of it.
  12. Surge of sales in woc cuz they made so many and they're more bag like... A way of keeping people who get priced out of larger flaps and such buying something.... And why not then raise price bc still cheaper than classic flaps so people will buy.... Haha. Not a bad strategy ;)
  13. ^^ I know- now I am scurrying to try and find WOC before increase:lol:
  14. If so, what is the retail price? I would love a black on with a silver chain. Also, does anyone know if it is small enough to fit inside the Large GST? thanks:yahoo:
  15. It used to be 1175 (?) but now its in the 1300 range, your GST can fit at least 10 of these WOC if not more :P