Half Coach, Half Juicy

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  1. Help me! I'm torn between two bags!
    (I know this is the Coach forum, so you'd be a little biased, but, still, help me.)

    My B-day is November17th, but my mom says she might buy the bag this weekend as long I don't use it until my birthday.
    So, should I get...

    The Juicy Couture one(in Brown)?


    The Top Handle Pouch Carly(In Chocolate!)?

    espresso_juicy.jpg choco_carly.jpg
  2. I personally like the Carly better. Besides being a yummy color, the style of the bag will go with more (casual, dressy, jeans, etc.) whereas the Juicy bags looks too dressy.

    Good luck with your decision!
  3. As much as I like both brands, I think you will get more use out of the Carly in the long run. It is also a purse that you still use 20 years down the road.

    Either way, both choices are really nice!
  4. I actually think that you could do much more with the Carly. I don't find the Juicy dressy at all, unlike a previous poster. I think the Juicy will only look good if you are ultra casual. The Carly can be dressed up or down.
  5. I think you would get a lot more use from the carly. I think overall the look is better than that juicy bag.
  6. I prefer the Carly. The Coach seems classier to me, the Juicy is very Trendy but that's just my tastes. What's your first instinct?
  7. definitely Carly..It's really prettier in MHO.
  8. Unless it's for your 13th birthday, the Juicy is a definite no. It's a cute bag, but the Carly is much more "timeless".
  9. i agree with alatrop! the coach bag is evergreen but the juicy bag is a little... bleah...
  10. Okay, so Carly it is!
    (too bad my mom now has decided just to give me $100 and my dad $100 the actual day of 11/17. Ah well!)
  11. CARLY!!!! I was in the ER last night and saw a girl with the med. choco brown and it was gorgeous!!!!
  12. and juicy is just so ick!!!!!
  13. ^^haha. Chocolate Carlys are the best and yummiest!
  14. I agree, Carly is more versatile, not only with the way it can be dressed down or up but with age. Teenagers as well as moms can carry Carly whereas the Juicy bag looks more appropriate for the younger age group.
  15. I side with everyone else--Carly. It's just a classier bag. But you should get whichever one YOU like the most.