Haley's Couture + Monaco Babe The Same Scam

  1. :censor: I have been reading this forum for a while and have great reason to believe that Monaco Babe and Haley's Couture are all the same group of seller(s). I do not know if anyone recognized this, but my friends and I are fervent Hermes lovers and we watch anything on Ebay and online that discusses Hermes like a hawk. I do not think Worthaveonline is much of anything to worry about. Monaco Babe has over 1,000 feedback, 12 negative and has:censor: been operating for about the same time as Haley's Couture. Also, many of the same bags advertised on Haley's Couture and Monaco Babe have been the same many times. Many times, it was the same colors, leathers, sizes, etc. Also, we've talked to both "companies" and there approaches are the same.

    What do you gals and guys think? This could be bigger than we might have known...:throwup:
  2. possible. that being the case, can all file a claim with the FBI.
    these con artists really should go to jail. shame on them.
  3. I would not put it past them. Now that you have mentioned it...I think it warrants a look and I am sure many members will keep an open eye.
  4. Check this out ladies, a true-to-life story of a Haley's Couture scam. Someone has filed with the FBI, hopefully they will be able to shut these scammers down.

    TRESOR: A Day in the Life of a BAG HAG
  5. You know what? It all starts with one person filing and then hopefully, a chain reaction happens.
  6. Is the lady who got scammed (the one who is friend of thebaghag) the same one who is posting the blog on haleyscourturesfake.blogspot.com? Or is this a third person who got scammed?
  7. I just checked out Monaco Babe on ebay and the ID has been changed to paparazzi-girl. Just a heads up. They were either bored with tehir user ID or are trying to disguise themselves.
  8. Anyone have any more news about the relation I found with monacob and hc? I really believe we've got something there. Maybe if someone posts this on one of the blog sites that are now up...we'd hear much more news.
  9. Hi everyone!

    I'm "thebaghag" and the one who bought that bag is my friend JS. She was the one who got scammed with that Haley's birkin.

    One so far. I hope more people come up to talk about this. I felt an obligation to help my friend because I would never want this to happen to myself. $6,700 is really not chump change :sad:

    It's so sad. If Roslynn Matthew could only see my friend who is going through post partum depression, and because of this incident, her condition is worse, maybe she will develop a conscience.

    I continue to hope and pray for her, but again I have my doubts that miss matthew will refund.
  10. ^^ That is SOO sad, Tresor. :sad:
  11. Omg....this is terrible. Tresor, I am so sorry for your friend.....I wish there was something I could do.....anything to help?
  12. OMG ... so that was your friend?:sad: Thank you for posting and clarifying. This is so terrible. Why isn't the authority doing more? I mean, all they are doing right now is calling her right? and she's not even returning the calls, right? Isn't there anything that the authority can do besides calling the seller? The time that they spend calling this person, Haley's couture could've left town already. This is so unfortunate, I'm going to keep my fingers crossed ... I mean, there's still a chance that they can refund her the money if they get more pressure from the authority.
  13. What about the Monaco babe connection. Can anyone post this on the blogs already up?
  14. Yes it was my friend who got scammed. She is very very low profile about this issue and I could not take to not talking about it, which was the reason why i blogged about it.

    it's ripe for people to know that even "authors" who write books about merchandise they are selling, can still scam people out of their money.

    i was honestly thinking that roslynn matthew thought she will get away with this. but if my friend is resigned to the fact that haleys couture will not refund, i will remain vigilant about informing people of what their company did.

    it is really horrible to have to cope with this. i honestly don't know how she can. and it is just really sad.

    the only thing good i see out of this is, at least her husband did not freak out on her. he's very supportive of her. thank goodness. Because she is taking this postpartum time real bad... and this scam added fuel to the fire :sad: it just really makes me so mad. :rant:
  15. i was also told that Palm beach police has been trying to contact ms. matthew's private residence number. left a few messages in there. but still no reply.
    the 1800 number is an answering service in san diego that ms. matthew contracted. if you guys can call that company up, check it out for yourselves. they ask for your number back so they do the calling back to you. you cant really speak with a "hermes haleys couture rep". it's really strange.