Hairy pigs born in Lincolnshire

  1. Hairy pigs born in Lincolnshire

    ITN - Thursday, December 6 04:57 pm

    A litter of seven piglets has been born with curly coats in Lincolnshire.

    The little piggies have been bred from pigs in Hungary.
    Some of them have become so hairy that they have had to to be sheared like sheep.
    In the past their coats have also been used to make clothes.
    The Lincolnshire Curly Coat is thought to have died out in the UK in the early 1970s.
    But in parts of Eastern europe pigs continue to sport similar coats.

  2. It's probably just me but I think they are adorable. :shame:
  3. Awww....I thinks he is cute!!
    I had a pig for a pet named Jazzy ,I just loved her. She was Beautiful and very smart!!
  4. that piggy is adorable, want to hug it.
  5. nope you are not alone...since i was little i have wanted a pig...I think they are sooo cute!
  6. I'd *love* to have a pig, they are cuuute!
  7. I adore pigs! Those are very cute.

    curly pigs and teacup pigs....what next?!?

    How cute is this little teacup?

  8. I love pigs! They are so adorable. I always thought I was the only one who found them to be so cute, lol.