Hairy Lip :(

  1. Ok i am really annoyed. I have noticed my top lip has gotten hairy :sad: Obviously i want to get rid of it, but i am worried that if i wax it or anything the hair will grow back thicker than ever.

    What am i supposed to do :sad:. I am naturally very dark so i guess its going to grow back worse.

    Help someone.
  2. If the hair itself is dark you could be a candidate for laser hair removal. My hair is blonde and won't work so I stick with waxing. My hair doesn't grow back thicker.
  3. Does that really hurt? and is it very expensive?
  4. I think threading is a good idea!
  5. I normally use Sally Hansen's hair cream removal for face. It works for me & its very affordable you can get it at any drugstores. But if you have sensitive skin make sure to do a patch test on your arm before application.

  6. thread it or go to your doctor about vaniqua.
  7. Do you know the bad side affects of vaniqua?
  8. Thanks to everyone who has replied.

    I dont know if i should try sally hansens removal cream or nair though. are they both similiar? are they as good as eachother?
  9. I always use Nair's hair removal cream, and haven't had a problem so far. Just make sure you get the kind that's especially formulated for the face, otherwise you'll end up a bit sore and red for a whole day. Also, the face one doesn't really smell. And nope, I haven't noticed my hair growing any thicker. Works like a charm!
  10. Thanks alot missmustard :smile:
  11. i have the same problem. Mine is dark too. I used to use sally hanson remover cream but it sometimes irritates my skin and doesnt get it all. For now I use shaving as a quick treatment and it does not grow back thicker or darker or look like a mans skin. Eventually probably will get laser
  12. I have light hair and use Sally Hansen too, it works great as long as you are careful not to leave it on too long. I've left it on a bit too long a few times and it did burn a little. But you learn to use it pretty quickly, it's not a big deal. I actually saw Molly Sims recommend the Sally Hansen stuff in a magazine article years ago and I've been using it ever since.
  13. oh another thing I wanted to add with why i dont like the hair remover....I have to let the hair grow out a bit before I can use it and it works...and it starts to look...."shadowish" by that time x.x How much does laser on the upper lip usually run out of curiosity
  14. laser on the lip would be a fairly cheap treatment i would expect. couple hundred bucks. i had it done on my chin, jaw, and sideburns and it has worked well for me. oddly enough, my lip doesn't really have hair, so it wasn't necessary there.

    i'd just get it waxed or wax it yourself. when you wax, the hair usually grows back lighter and less coarse.
  15. Hmmm i dont quite no what to do for the best now lol.

    I dont want to have laser just yet. so i want something to use for the time being. but if the lady with dark hair says the creams arent very good, i'm not sure what to do.