Hairy Lip Helper...

  1. Never needed to do anything about my upper lip.......TiLL NOW!!??
    So hard to admit, but many of us have this issue....
    What do you use-
    Do you do it yourself or have it done?
    At a hair salon? Nail Salon? Spa?
  2. This gets my vote for

    It should be a product.

    Now, for your lip. If there is no one in your community who is skilled in the ancient art of sugaring, you can just do it yourself, I forget the proportions, but I'm sure there are squillions of recipes on the internets, it is basically regular old white sugar and a bit of lime juice, cooked into a sort of play-dough consistency caramel, let it cool enough to make it into a little ball, stretch it out a bit, put it on your lip and let it solidify some, then yank it and the hair off.

    It is better than wax because it does not give as many ingrown hairs or inflamed follicles, etc, and of course it is non-toxic and chemical-free, if you make too much, you can just eat the rest.

    And for some reason, the hair grows back in softer than with other methods.

    Plus, touchups require only about an eighth of an inch of hair, with the wax I think you have to let it grow about twice that much.
    that is what my mother always told me.
  4. Thanx shimma! Maybe I'll talk to my friend who thinks he can patent anything!! LOL
    I was kidding about the razor lv-lover, I also heard it will grow back twice as hairy......then I'll really need some advice......from the men!!n LOL
  5. Tweezers are great but you have to find a good pair of tweezers.
  6. I say go for the permanent hair removal of electrolysis or laser !!
  7. anyone know more about this with actual recipies?
  8. I had laser hair removal, it's the best.
  9. I get it threaded
  10. I had permanent hair removal done - the Elipse system - Light Pulse Treatment

    6 treatments - gone - done - never come back

    Had it done underams, bikini and legs now - completely hair free for years - cant recomend it enough
  11. What's that?
  12. Removal of hairs with a string....the string is twisted around your hair and the hair gets yanked off.
  13. I generally wax and but if I'm in a bind and i have a stray hair or two, I will tweeze.
  14. I've used Jolen creme bleach since I was in high school. It kind of tingles a little, but it's gentle and does a good job of bleaching.

    I can't wax my upper lip. I've always waxed my own brows without so much as flinching, but the one time I tried waxing my lip, I passed out from the pain!