Hairy Legs...

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  1. Okay, I have a serious problem with my legs- the hair grows REALLY fast. If I shave in the morning, first of all you can still see the hairs underneath my skin because I'm pale with black hair, and then by afternoon I'm really stubbly again, and no one believes that I shaved only hours before. I've tried depilitories, and now I just tried this Sally Hansen wax that doesn't do a thing either! Any suggestions?
  2. Veet has a good lotion with a non razor thing that works pretty well, but I think you have to go a few days before you use it. I use it once a week and I am good. What about waxing? Agains you would have to wait a few weeks before you could get it so the hair could grow. I think your last resort is laser hair removal if you don't want to shave everyday.
  3. I feel your pain as I mentioned in the epilator thread I think I may be related to big foot everyone else seems to last weeks when epilating but mine only lasts days it is longer than shaving etc so maybe you should try that and I also noticed that the hair growth is reduced so not as noticeable but ido need to exfoliate often as I get a lot of ingrown hairs from it.
  4. Eventually I want to get laser hair removal when I have the money, but for my age its really not an option right now :biggrin: And I think the hair is almost 1/4 inch long, I've let it grow for a few days so I could try the sally hansen wax again. What does an epilator cost?
  5. Epilators cost between $25 and $50 - depending on the brand, well worth it to have smoother legs that last longer than a blink of an eye.
  6. you sound like me, I'm not related to bigfoot, I am bigfoot. I use an epilator, it lasts a bit longer than shaving. waxing would be best but I just can't spend the money cause I'd have to wax like every 2.5-3 weeks.

    The only problem with the epilator is that I get tons of ingrowns. No amount of exfoliation seems to help either.
  7. I used to get my legs waxed in a salon & had propil (I think thats what it's called) applied afterwards, my legs always took AGES to grow back & most of the time with a LOT of bald spots.

    Unfortunately I started shaving again because it was pricey to keep up with the waxing & my legs are back to how they were before. :/

    I find veet's hair remover cream good though, although it seems to grow back just as fast as shaving on me it doesn't leave the kinda.. under the skin stubble.

    How does an epilator work?
  8. This sounds gross, but try not shaving for a week. Your hair grows faster the more you shave.
  9. I know it's expensive, but laser is the best. I was getting ingrown hairs, and the solution my doctor came up with was antibiotics. I guess I was supposed to take them forever? I've been having laser done, and it takes longer than they tell you, but it's worth every penny.
  10. can I ask how much you're paying? i've had/am having my face done (BEST thing I ever did for myself), and my derm has quoted $800 per treatment for full leg. seems really overpriced to me, does yours compare?
  11. I will say this about ingrown hairs....I shaved my legs one morning, knicked a spot and didn't realize it, went to visit my Grandmother in the nursing home and by the time I got home, my leg was frozen with a Staff Infection...the kind that can kill ya! I had 7 spots where ingrown hairs got infected where the infection....evacuated.....not a pretty sight. Watch those ingrown hairs ladies....
  12. That does sound high, because you will need a LOT of treatments. I'm having my upper lip/chin, underarms, bikini line and toes done, I want to say it ran around 4,000. They originally said it would take about six treatments, but I've been going for about three years and haven't had any extra charges. I know it sounds like a long time, but the time is going to pass anyway, and I would say about 95% of my hair is gone. It's wonderful.

    Ingrown hairs are not only painful, they're dangerous, just like MissyBaby said. I was diagnosed with folliculitis, I would get horrible, big hard bumps on my thighs. Very painful. If I let the hair grow, I would look like a man. So, I bit the bullet and did the laser, best thing I ever did.
  13. while your shaving/waxing or what not, try using a sunless tanner, the less pale you look, the longer you can probably hide some stumble.
  14. :wtf::wtf::wtf:

    Woah! Im deff. going to watch out from now on.

    To the OP...I have super fast hair growth also. My solution...shave everyday or wear pants-often. Lets just say the winter is my favorite time of year, and my SO's least favorite time :p.

    I will probably be getting lazer hair removal also. I hate shaving.

  15. it looks like an electric shaver but the head is discs that work like tweezers when you run them over your leg they grip the hair and pull them out (so like waxing)