Hairy Bags, how much do they actually shed


Jul 30, 2012
UK South East Coast
Has anyone had any first hand experience of their hairy bags shedding?

I know so many avoid them for this reason but has it actually happened to any of you that have taken care of your bag?

Having just purchased another hairy bag, my gorgeous little pheasant green Lily I would like to know if it really can go bald :shocked:

Obviously if you use it everyday and it get lots of wear I am sure it will go bald! Mulberry leather bags would also suffer from wear if used daily & dumped on the floor :woot:

I love haircalf and I purchased my first about 3 years ago, winter sale Jan 2010 I think - EW Snow Leopard Shimmy

I have always taken good care of her and originally used for special occasions. Looks just as good now as when i bought is it too much fuss about nothing.:confused1:

Every Mulberry bag now seems to state DELICATE



Jan 19, 2012
I've got the same bag! Mines only used occassionly but it's gone bald on one of the corners :sad: I dont carry it on my shoulder either, it's always been handheld. Mulberry did say its ok to spray with collonil.