Hairstyle of the day

  1. Ponytail
  2. Wavy, down.
  3. Up in a bun.

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  4. wet and side bun, spun in two level.
  5. Up in a bun.
  6. High ponytail, bangs out.
  7. Flat ironed straight, down.
  8. a ponytail
  9. Flat ironed straight.
  10. Flat ironed, tied up.
  11. Flat ironed straight...put up in a high tight bun.
  12. ^This again..
  13. Wavy, up in a messy bun.
  14. Good ol' topsy tail :smile:
    image-2821931527.jpg image-494045879.jpg
  15. Was wearing the sockbun couple days ago.

    Today: flat ironed straight with side sweep bangs.