Hairstyle of the day

  1. I did a search on "Hairstyles" and couldn't find anything. So this is just like the "Outfits of the day" and "Look of the day" Just post what your hair looks like for the day. Pretty self explanatory :smile:
  2. Low ponytail. Boring
  3. I went to the salon yesterday and had my hair colored, my hair is still how my wonderful stylist did it- down and blown straight. Lame! Haha

    Maybe this thread will inspire me to do more for to my hair.
  4. ponytail. I'm finally able to get it in a ponytail!
  5. Down. Straight and down. Nothing fancy at all. But, I have been sick so that's my excuse. lol.
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    I gave myself a deep part with the side swept bangs. Using my flat iron.

    Usually I part closer to the middle with my bangs off to the left of my head, but after washing it last night I did the deep part while it was still wet so it would lay like that in the morning.
  7. ugh weather here sucks and is not agreeing with my hair what so ever so it is definitely up in a ponytail today!
  8. messy bun ala cupcakes and cashmere with a sequin flower headband
  9. Ponytail with a braid at the front influenced by Lauren Conrad.
  10. Down, just down.
  11. At the moment it is in a messy bun with my long fringe clipped back. I'm getting it all cut off on tuesday though and am starting to panic a little bit!!
  12. Down, flat ironed & with a LC braid
  13. Down & flat ironed
  14. I like this thread! Mine is pulled back in a messy bun ATM...
  15. Side part, down (shoulder-length) and flat-ironed