Hairspray ,Hair gel, Mousse or Sheen.

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  1. What products do you put in your hair to complete your look.

    Hairspray, Hair Gel, Mousse, Oil Sheen
  2. none of the above?
  3. Paul Mitchell Foaming Pomade and Queen Helene Oil Gloss Spray- NOT sheen.
  4. I only use Pantene leave-in conditioner spray. Then I let my hair air-dry.
  5. I only use hairspray on occasion. I like Vit A&E hairspray by Lamaur. It's water free and it cuts down on the frizz.
  6. most days I wear a pony tail so my most used product Hair Gel but not the strong one
  7. I use BioSilk shine serum before I blowdry/flat iron. After my hair is dry, I use Kiwi wax to do that whole "piece-y" look.
  8. hair spray
  9. Bio Silk --Silk Therapy
  10. I use leave-in conditioner and mousse...I have to because my hair would be so super frizzy without it. But when I straighten my hair i use balm and sometimes hairspray. So it just depends on the day.
  11. Boy,I used to be all about Matrix sleek-shampoo,conditioner,styling cream,then heat setting spray and flat iron,and finishing with the locking serum. Now I just use the shampoo and conditioner and then a straightening cream of some kind and go. If I really care how my hair looks,I'll do the whole system,but for everyday,I just get lazy.
  12. Nada
  13. Redken Extreme Anti-Snap, some cheapo mousse, and some Joico hairspray to keep sideswept bangs in place.
  14. I use this creme (maybe gel?) but only a tiny amount because I hate sticky hair. It's so annoying because I have this short hair that keeps popping out, it drives me crazy!
  15. i let my hair air dry and use Frederic Fekkai curl cream - i like creams or serums or whatever better than gel or mousse because they're often just as good at taming the frizzies but don't leave hair crunchy or sticky.