Hairspray alternative?

  1. I need to find something I can put in my hair after styling that is not a hairspray. It seems to really bother my rosacea and so I'm wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a good product to use. Maybe a mousse or something to scrunch into my hair after styling. I like to put big curls in my hair. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. This is what I do.. Boil orange in water, once it reduces I strain it and keep the water in a spritz bottle then spray my hair once it's cooled. It works like magic :biggrin:
    Homemade Hair Spray Recipe
  3. try looking for a botanical hairspray, there isn't all the harshness and chemicals as regular hairspray.
  4. there's always hair gel...

    hair pomade or creams are good for you hair!

    and mousse will give you that volume and hold that hairspray will but healthier
  5. Thanks a lot for sharing!
  6. I would suggest a spray wax such as Sexy Hair Concepts, "Play Dirty". It's great on all textures and lenghts of hair and will truly add separation and dimension. It's nice as well because it's reworkable throughout the day. All you would need is a very light dusting throughout your hair.
  7. Try Dove "Flexible Hold" Weightless Movement hairspray. I'm reluctant to use regular hairspray, also, because it causes nasty acne breakouts on my forehead. This stuff, though, is light, water-based, and has natural ingredients formulated for sensitive skin. Plus, when I use it, my hair doesn't get that "crispy" feeling and I can brush it out at the end of the night.